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Crazy Days Promo
Published on 03-03-2022

Dear members,

I'm honored to announce that Deposit Booster is enabled again.

But as the name of the promotion says it will be a crazy Deposit Booster days

3x Deposit Booster

From today 3rd March - 4th March 00:00 server time

2.5x Deposit Booster

From 4th March - 5th March 00:00 server time

2x Deposit Booster

From 5th March - 6th March 00:00 server time

1.5x Deposit Booster

From 6th March - 8th March 00:00 server time

1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x it's the number of times that it's multiplied your Bonus from the Bonus Legend.

Bonus Legend Here

Enjoy the promotion!

Best regards,
MoonAD | DogeMoonAD | ShibaMoonAD Admin

3X Deposit Booster
Published on 19-02-2022

Dear members,

Today we decided to enable again our Deposit Booster but this time with 3x.

So in the next period 19th Feb until 21st Feb every deposit will receive 3 times more Deposit Bonus.

The Bonus Legend can be checked here : Bonus Legend

If you deposit 1Doge your Bonus will be 3x(0.05D Between 0.25D)

*The Bonuses are added automatically to your Balance.

Good Luck!

After more than 100 tickets in all 3 sites required to add Bonus Booster on Upgrades Memberships too, my team worked all day to change the script and add the Bonus Booster too.

But on this occasion, we have decided to make a discount to all memberships up to 40%.

We have extended the 3x Deposit Bonus until 24th Feb 00:00 server time on Deposits and on Upgrade memberships.

20 % Discount

Defender - 32 DOGE (before 40 DOGE)
Guider - 160 DOGE (before 200 DOGE)
Protector - 360 DOGE before 450 DOGE)

30% Discount

Aspirant - 420 DOGE before 600 DOGE)
Dreamer - 595 DOGE before 850 DOGE)

40% Discount
Believer 2000 DOGE (before 1200 DOGE)

MoonAD | DogeMoonAD | ShibaMoonAD Admin

Valentine's Day Promotion!
Published on 13-02-2022

Dear members,

Tomorrow it's Love Day so we decided to make you and your friend(s) happy with this occasion.

How this promo will work?

Deposit DOGE in value of 50$ or more and you will receive 50% back in your account.

Deposit one of your friend's DOGE in a value of 50$ and he will receive 50% back in his account and you will receive 100% back of his deposit back in your account as following 25% In Main Balance and 75% in Purchase Balance.

To benefit from this promotion you must Deposit with the following payment processors:
Shiba INU (BSC Chain),

No other processors will be allowed to this promotion

The promotion will be available starting today and it will end tomorrow 14th February!

MoonAD | DogeMoonAD | ShibaMoonAD Admin

Deposit Booster Added!
Published on 06-02-2022

Dear members,

We have the great pleasure to announce that a new feature has been added and we have removed the Fixed Deposit Bonus.

How it's working?

The Deposit Booster it's really simple, for each deposit you made from the Bonus Legend, a random Bonus will be credited to you in your Purchase Balance.

For example: If you Deposit 1 DOGE you have the chance to receive a bonus between 0.15 and 0.50 DOGE

But that's not all here on Deposit Booster. A 2X Booster will be enabled from time to time without any announcement.
The 2X Booster will double the Bonus that you will receive for your deposit.

For example: If you Deposit 1 DOGE and the 2X Booster is ON you will receive a bonus between 0.30 and 1 DOGE

Because it's the first time added here the 2X Booster will be ON until 8th February.

The Bonus Legend can be found here : Deposit Booster

Enjoy it!